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Dental Technologies at Bangkok Dental Home in Thailand
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Bangkok Dental Home uses advance equipments to ensure that our patients get the best diagnosis, comfort and safety.

X-ray Machines

  • Large Panoramic and Celplometric X-ray Machine are used at Bangkok Dental Home used in implantology, cosmetics, and other treatments of the entire dento-maxillo-facial complex, checks and treatment planning
  • It is a professional tool designed to provide a complete set of pre- and post-operative examinations giving the wide range of radiographic views.
  • The intraoral x-ray machines at Bangkok Dental Home provide simple and fast slide x-rays for proper diagnoses.
  • Film Processors are used to develop x-ray films so that our patients get their results instantly

Sterilization Equipments

  • A Pre-vaccummed autoclave unit is used at Bangkok Dental Home for all our instruments by Dabi Atlante and Topster. The autoclave is a device that uses steam to sterilise equipment and instruments to make all bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores inactive.
  • A specailized autoclave unit is used only for clinical handpieces. The German made autoclave operates with a single-use non-reusable water system to disinfect the clinical handpieces.
  • An maintenance unit is used to clean and lubrication all essential handpieces and air-driven scalers for patient safety.
  • Suction units are is an important items in a dental practice for high standard hygeine and protection against infection. Bangkok Dental Home uses suction machines from Germany that has a power motor designed for continous suction operation in eliminating secretions and solids simulataneously.
  • Autosealing machine and sterile storage is used to seal instruments into the sterile storage packages before sterilizing them in an autoclave unit. This individualizes a viewpacks for each patient. The packs are dated for reference and checks.
  • Bangkok Dental Home uses clinical handpiece with infection control system built in for patient safety.

Dental Maintenance




Dental Units

  • Dabi Atlante dental units are used at Bangkok Dental Home designed with a lumbar lordosis position corrector to reduce patient stress level.

  • The dental unit also incorporates clean hygiene maintenace into its design. The chair's single central articulation facilitates cleaning and improves the dental office biosafety. The unit also has removable cuspidors and is of ceramic enamel to prevent residuals adherence.
Dental unit

Dental Implant Technologies

  • Bangkok Dental Home carries top dental implant systems such as Straumann and Nobel Biocare implants.
  • The implant systems has innovative surface for faster osseointegration process cutting down the healing treatment requirements
  • The titanum oxide layer is biocompatible and in certain cases enables immediate function for patients
  • Bangkok Dental Home carries the OsseoCare Implant Surgical Set from nobel bicoare used for measurement and actual dentoalveolar surgery during dental implant treatment



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